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× Max. 18 Pax

Exclusieve Zeil Katamaraan

 Also private available.
 Transport included
 Food (brought with kayak from Tasarte )
 Drinks:Beer, White wine, Soft drinks and water

Exclusieve Zeil Katamaraan

Exclusieve Zeil Katamaraan Gran Canaria Boat Trips 2024

Over de
Exclusieve Zeil Katamaraan

Bali is a beautiful catamaran 43 feet (13.
10 meters) long and 23 feet (7.
15 meters) wide.

On board you can enjoy numerous spaces, each one different from the other.

First we have the stern of the boat, an incredible sofa for up to 4 people.

Right in front we have the living room, a space that is interior but has great characteristics that make it unique.

Its gigantic door that it opens fully and the side windows make this space feel like an outside.

But with the convenience of a dining / lounge area and the fact that everything is covered providing the shade that is sometimes needed.

The lounge area is also where you will find all the drinks on board and,
of course, the bathroom is also in that area.

As we move towards the forward cockpit,
this is undoubtedly the most spacious part of the boat with an incredible sundeck with space for up to 8 people and a U-shaped sofa for 6 people.

Perfect for those who prefer to sit and enjoy the wonderful views.

Now we move on to the flybridge, which is undoubtedly the most special part of the boat, something that in a sailing catamaran is not usually frequent, it has of course the Captain's position,
an L-shaped sofa for 3 people, a long side-by-side sofa for another 3 and a large mat for another 4 where you can lie down.

A unique space! From here you can enjoy 360 ° views of everything around you and thus make the most of the views
and take the best photos!

The ship has a total capacity of up to 34 passengers,
but since we love exclusivity, hence our name Exclusive Sailing Catamaran, we have reduced the maximum capacity to 18 passengers (half!)
to provide all our passengers with the best possible comfort!

Inbegrepen in de activiteit :

  • Transport from hotel to the boat and back
  • Private Available, contact us
  • See Sea Caves at Bay of Perchel,Taurito, Playa del Cura and Amadores.
  • Drinks:Beer, White wine, Soft drinks and water
  • snorkeling,uso del kayak, stand up paddle surf
  • Fresh Food (brought with kayak from Tasarte ).
  • Grilled Fish or Grilled Chicken with salad,Canarian Potatoes with Mojo
  • Watersport Activities at Discount (Jetski 30€, parasailing 25€)

Volwassenen : 69.00 €
Kinderen :   55.00 €
Kinderen :(4-10)   45.00 €
Babies (0/3):   GRATIS
Exclusief transport tijd.

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